A.L.R. July 2010

We always decide on our monthly ride at our monthly meeting on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month at 6:00 PM! Please try to make these meetings so you can have input on where we go. I will continue to send out emails to you all of PGR missions and any other last minute rides I plan on going to if you want to join me.

Don’t forget, if you want to find out what is going on at other ALR chapters in the state, go to our state wevsite usalr.org/AZALR.html – Please note the change in that website address. There is also a run/event calendar we have posted on the Bulletin Board at the post for the month. It is posted after each monthly meeting. There are lots of things happening with ALR on the State level, too much to go into detail here, but the minutes from all AZALR quarterly meetings are sent to all Points of Contact in each Chapter and they send them out to all of the riders in their Chapter. When you get these minutes, please read them so you know wht the Department of Arizona ALR is doing. Aren’t “riders” supposed to “ride”?

We did have 4 of our Chapter members ride to the AZALR campout in Tombstone and it was a great weekend. WAY TO GO!

Nominations for ALR Officers have been made:

Director: Julie Samsoe, Assistant Director: John Moffit, Treasurer: Chaz Shayne.

Elections will be at the July Meeting and if there are no other nominations, these will be your officers for 2010-2011.

The fifth Friday in October (October 29) is an ALR Friday Night Dinner. We will be doing a special contest/fundraiser – The Queen of Kings. Myself, Julie or one of the officers can explain this to you in more detail, but, we do need ALR Members To Volunteer for this evening; both for kitchen prep (male and female), as well as to be in the Queen of Kings contest (male members only). It will be a lot of fun and should raise some much needed revenue.

Our Fall Poker Run will be on September 25th. again, come to the meetings to have input on what we’re and when we’re doing it.

Don’t forget Upcoming Important Events:

August 14: AZALR Quarterly meeting at Post 52 (Sierra Vista)- lunch at noon and meeting at 1:00 PM.

September 25: ALR 79 fall Poker Run

October 2: Northern Arizona VA BBQ.

For God and Country,

John Moffitt, ALR 79 Run Coordinator

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