A.L.R. July 2012


However, because of the lack of participation and enthusiasm on the part of our ALR members. Those members who do come to meetings overwhelmingly voted to discontinue any formal activities (meetings, 5th Friday dinners, poker runs, etc.) for a period of time; if for no other reason than to give those few that do vounteer some “time off”.

Unfortunately, of the 34 members we have, more than 2/3 do not attend our meetings, fundraisers or dinners. Without sufficient volunteers it is impossible to maintain the level of activity we have had over the past 6 years. (More on that in next month’s column.) Although not as active, we are still alive.

By the time you read this we will have hosted the 5th Friday dinner in June (which will be our last for a while). Our next (and last for a while) monthly meeting is July 4 at 10 AM. In addition to voting in new officers for 2012-2013 and ammending the by-laws to provide for email voting on issues, we will also be hosting the Post’s 4th of July Party from noon – 4 PM. If you can HELP OUT WITH THE PATIO PARTY, please let me know – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

And…. WE WILL STILL BE DOING RIDES! Whenever there is a ride I will send a group email to all of our members. And, of course, if any of you want to set u a ride, feel free to send out an email to our members and invite them along. At least we can ride over the next few months if we’re not doing anything else!


POW/MIA SHIRTS FOR $14,50 ($17.50 FOR XXL)

COOL TIES (hand made by Pat Plotner) $5.00.

3′x5′ American Flags with Eagle top, steel pole and mounting bracket: $12:00.

ALR Ball Caps: $15

Buy ALR items to support your ALR chapter! They’re in the display case at the post.


To receive notices of PGR Missions sign up at patriotguard.org and standtallstandproud.org

The AZALR calendar for all ALR events and runs (including classifieds and vets discounts section) is on the AZALR department website: azalr.yolasite.com

As always, please let us know what we can do to get you to start coming to meetings, going on rides, participate in fundraisers, etc. and to make Our Chapter better. We should be geared to doing two things: One, going on rides and having fun; and Two, raising money (and having fun doing it) to benefit or ALR charities, troops, vets and children.

For God and Country,

John Moffitt, assistant Director & Run Coordinator



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