A.L.R. November 2010

We always decide on our monthly ride at our monthly meeting on the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH at 6 P.M. – Please try to make these meetings so you can have input on where we go!

At our next meeting (November 3rd) we will be serving Juanita Moffit’s famous Chicken Stoup for only $5.00! Come early and bring your appetite!

I will continue to send out emails to you all of PGR missions and any other last minute rides I plan on going to if you want to join me on a ride.

Don’t forget, if you want to find out what is going on at other ALR chapters in the state go to the state Rider’s website – http://azalr.yolasite.com

The Holiday Season is now upon us- and, boy are we keeping busy. On SATURDAY November 13 we’ll be taking PICTURES FOR OUR ALR 79 CALENDAR. This will be starting at 1 P.M., after the Post/SAL/Auxiliary meetings- so, wear your good leathers and, weather permitting, ride your bike. This is going to be a MAJOR FUNDRAISER for us.

On Sunday, November 14, we’ll be doing our annual clean up of that portion of SR 89 which we adopted. Please be at the Arrowhead at 8 A.M. that morning. The more people we have show up the quicker it will go.

Our Moonlight Rides are on hold until after the holidays and will start up again in January.

The VA BBQ went great. We served about 200 patients and staff. although the overall attendance was less than in previous years, we did pretty good with 12 of our members showing up to support our Va patients.

RUN SHEETS ARE NOW ON SALE  for the GET TO RIDE YOUR POSTS PROGRAM! Here’s a chance to visit some of our sister ALR Chapters and possibly win up to $1,000. More info here.

As always, please let us know what we can do to get you to start coming to meetings, going on rides, participating in fundraisers, etc. We should be geared to doing two things: One, going on rides and having fun; and Two, raising money (and having fun doing it) to benefit our ALR Charities – troops. vets and children.

For Good and Country,

John Moffit, Assistant Director

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