A.L.R. September 2012


The pre-amble to our By-laws states that the purpose of ALR is: To participate in parades and other ceremonies that are in keeping with the Aims and Purposes of the American Legion. To promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share aninterest in motorcycles. To use our Association to promote and support programs of the American Legion.

If you don’t come to meetings or participate in rides, you won’t have the camaraderie and fun of being in the ALR; if you don’t participate in fundraising efforts, we can’t help support the American Legion programs and Community events which we have always supported.

What is needed if we are to remain a viable ALR Chapter are mem-bers who are active: come to meetings, go on rides, and participate in fundraisers. ALR 79 was one of the first ALR Chapters to be formed in Arizona. Over the past three years, we have donated 10,936 volunteer hours and $11,570 for charitable purposes; and have contributed 7,697 hours and $3,904 to Post 79. This cannot continue if our members don’t become and stay involved, and if we don’t have new members who want to be involved. The only thing that is required is that you have to be a member of the Legion Family. If you have a motorcycle, you can be a full ALR member; if you don’t have a motorcycle, you can still join ALR 79 as a Supporter.

Next month’s column will have a questionnaire – for both current members as well as pro-spective new members – about what they would like to see in ALR 79 in 2013. I urge all current members, and all Legion Family members who are interested in joining ALR, to fill out next month’s survey. We are now at a crossroads, where we can either once again become an active ALR Chapter, or simply wither away. IT’S UP TO YOU.



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