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Ladies Auxiliary December 2017

Ladies, we’ve been very busy this last month. Our craft, bake sale and indian fry bread went off well and everyone seemed to be having a good time, i hope. we wish to thank all our vendors and all the volunteers who worked hard to coordinate this function and helped to make this successful.

Secondly, our feather bingo turned out alright, but we didn’t have as many people as we anticipated. (where were all of you)? We would like to thank everyone who did show up and thanks to all those who volunteered to work this event.

Thanksgiving dinner for the community – I would like to thank one and all who donated money for this event. We were in quandary as how we were going to pull this off since our ‘cook’ quit – but, everyone who was able and willing stepped up to the plate and donated, purchased, cooked and volunteered in the kitchen, delivered meals on wheels and anything else that needed to be done. I think that says a lot about our members (leg., sal and aux) who all came together to make sure our community was taken care of. This is what Thanksgiving is all about. If we all put our heads together, this is proof that we can do anything together!! Sooooo, let’s keep it up!

Dec. 16th we’ll be have an auxiliary Christmas luncheon; it will be pot-luck and if interested, bring a $15 gift (wrapped) for our gift exchange (bring a gift, get a gift). It will start after our meeting between 1:30 and 2pm.

I would just like to say to one and all, that all of our fund raisers are ear-marked for certain projects that helps those within our community as well as our veterans. We need volunteers to help in many areas. we have a lot of members, but only a handful that show up at meetings and volunteer as often as one can, but we need more help and we need it from you.
Our next meeting is Saturday, Dec. 16th at 12 noon. I hope to see some new faces, pretty please!!!

If your interested in what was brought up in our meetings, our minutes are posted on the auxiliary bulletin board by the front door of the legion.

We’re in a pickle, here at the legion, WE HAVE NO COOK – SHE QUIT! soooooo, we would like to ask all those who might be interested in cooking a meal once a month. if your interested, please leave you name and phone number and what you’d be able to cook and when (Friday night dinners), and leave it with any of the bartenders. Our 1st volunteer dinner will be Dec. 8th, from 5-7 pm, karaoke to follow, and it will be turkey tetrazzini, salad bar, garlic bread and dessert for $7.00. Please come and join us.

There was a very nice memorial service held nov. 25th for Jay Bostwick (SAL), the son of Barbara Bostwick (past-pres.).

Now, on a sadder note, our president, Linda Fausey is not doing well. It would be nice if all of us could keep her in our prayers.

Well, i’ve babbled on long enough so I shall sign out now. If i forgot anything or anyone, please bring it to my attention, so, i’ll say i’m sorry ahead of time.


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