Ladies Auxiliary February 2010

We are glad that Marjie Youston is making progress in her recovery and are hoping she will be back with us soon.

We wish to thank all the men who gave us such a wonderful Christmas luncheon, especially Mark Price for cooking great food. Also, all those who helped in the kitchen and served.

A terrific time was had by all on New Year’s Eve. The band and the food was great.

Thanks to those ladies who did such terrific decorations. And, of course, John Mofitt made Santa quite entertaining at our luncheon. Nancy Seriani made gift bags for the kids at Model School and she and Santa distributed them. The kids enjoyed this very much. Good job!!

The men will be giving the ladies an Appreciation Luncheon on March 27. Be sure to attend.

We installed 4 new members at our January meeting and Margaret handed out year pins to Nancy Seriani – 5 yrs., Vonna Wolfgang – 10 yrs, and Pat Shanahan – 30 yrs. WOW!

The District 8 Meeting will be held at Humboldt on Saturday, Jan. 25th and all are welcome to attend.

We will be making a Gift Basket similar to the one we had for 4th of July and will be selling tickets on that soon.

We still have Sweatshirts from last year. we have reduced the price to $10.00 so if you are interested in one ask the ladies and they will show them to you.

Our Taco Tuesday is doing great thanks to Bruce, Terry and Mark. Come and enjoy a terrific Mexican dinner, 4 till 7 PM and Happy Hour prices.

We still need members to renew dues to make our deadline so if you haven’t renewed, please do so soon. If you know anyone who wants to join, encourage them to do so.

For God and Country,

Barb Bostwick, Vice President

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