Ladies Auxiliary January 2012

Happy New Year To Everyone! Let’s see if we can make 2012 the best year yet.

We need more participation from our many members. We are 1st in membership in District 8, yet we don’t have a lot of people that would like to participate. There are many fun projects that need someone to either head a committee or help with the duties. If there is a reason why this is happening, please let us know.

We had a great meeting with the junior girls. They have many projects and are learning all about the American Legion Auxiliary and the ideals and principles for the love of America and their responsibilities as citizens. Thank you Nancy Tschikof and Lisa Latta for heading up this very important group of young girls. Great job.

The next meeting will be on January 21, 2012. We will be initiating 13 new members. Please plan to attend.

Thanks to Nancy Serani for making new decorations for this ceremony.

There will be a Pot Luck after the meeting.

For God & Country,

Sarah Staley, Auxiliary President


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