Ladies Auxiliary July 2012

With lovely faces and bright smiles, the regularly scheduled meeting for the Ladies Auxiliary was called to order on June 16, 2012.

We had the privilege of having Sharon Doran, Department President, as our honored guest. Sharon addressed the membership and shared with us some thought provoking ideas as well as some of her adventures.

Also in attendance was Juanita Moffitt. Juanita read to the membership a letter from Nancy Seriani resigning her post as President. Juanita, along with the officers and members present, thanked Nancy for her hard work and dedication to the continued success of our organization. Knowing her makeup, I’m sure we can count on her continued support.

When called up, members stepped up nd we have a number of volunteers for upcoming Taco Tuesdays. Thank You! But, please remember, it takes a team to be successful. Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated.

With the resignation of Nancy Seriani from the Presidency and Adra Shayne from the E-Board the members were asked if anyone wished to fill the vacancies of First Vice President and of the Board seat. Kathy Holle and Donna Shepard were unanimously approved by the membership, Kathy as First Vice President and Donna to the E-Board.

Gara Waller volunteered as an advisor to the Junior Auxiliry and she, along with Milissa Harris, will led or future leaders to the greatest of heights.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, July 21st at noon and a brief E-Board meeting before at 11:30 AM. A pot luck will follow adjournment of the regular meeting, so please bring something to share.

Until our next meeting please remember, there is no “I” in Team and it’s the team effort that is behind any successful organization.

Hand to heart, soul to God and the never ending battle for freedom and justice for our veterans.

For God and Country,

NinaBill Overmyer, President


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