Ladies Auxiliary June 2011

Finally summer is here after a long and cold winter.

Somme changes have been made to our meeting schedule. As you all know our April 16th meeting was changed to April 30th. The new officers were installed. We had an emergency meeting on May 17th to vote on buying a new freezer and to discontinue our meeting for the summer. There were 7 officers & e-board members present. This change is due to a lack of participation because of vacations, etc. If you have any concerns or objections with this arrangement please feel free to contact one of the officers. The next meeting is planned for September 17, 2011 at 12:00 PM. Please plan to attend so we can make up for lost time. I anticipate great success ahead after our summer recess. I would like to thank everyone for donating their valuable time and effort.

The scholarship winner is Humberto Aranda. Congratulations Humberto!

Trudy White has done a great job throughout the year to chair this tough stuff. She is unable to continue in that position. If anyone is interested please let one of our officers know. We are also looking for a historian.

Our two representatives to Girl’s State are Ashlynn Loveal and Emily Webster. They will be going to Girl’s State in Tucson on June 10th. Have a great time!

The Junior Girls raised $527.00 for the food bank from their Easter Basket Raffle. They meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Model Creek School at 3:00 PM. Meetings for the summer have yet to be decided. Great job girls!

I will keep you posted of events during the summer so be sure to read the newsletter.

Barb Bostwick is recovering nicely from her surgery and wishes and thanks to the Auxiliary for the beautiful flowers. Hurry back Barbara.

For God & Country.



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