Ladies Auxiliary March 2010

Hello Ladies again.

As most of you already know I have been away for awhile. I had a stroke in December. It is great to be back from the hospital. As most of you that have been in the area lately have seen I have also been back Volunteering. I may only have the use of on hand, but I do what I can. I would like very much to see more of you out here volunteering too. I can only do so much, but I figure if I can do it with one hand and a bum knee, more of you able bodied ladies could do it too.

We can use extra help on Taco Tuesdays and 1 person for washing dishes on Auxiliary dinner night and 1 person to help serve. I got lucky my stroke affected my left side, and I am right handed and since the kitchen is setup for right handed people. I have been able to come back and do some of my old work.

Anyway it is good to be back. I want to thank those that have been helping in the kitchen!
I know there are a lot more able bodied people that can help besides myself. A BIG THANKS TO  Terri & Bruce Oliver, and Mark Price for all their great work in the kitchen. I really appreciate what they all do.

My son that came down from Salt Lake to help me since I got out of the hospital has even been coming in to wash dishes for us. He has been a great help! His name is Mark in case you don’t already know.

We missed a lot of ladies at the meeting last Saturday. If any of our members are in town on the second Saturday of the month, I would personally like to invite you to drop by and attend our meetings. They are at noon. After our last meeting I came out and at least 5 to 6  ladies came in. I understand some of you might have to work, but those that don’t I would really appreciate too see you in that meeting!

We have moved the men’s luncheon to April 17th, so if any one can help please let us know.

For God and Country
Marjorie Yourston
Auxiliary President

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