Ladies Auxiliary March-April 2013

This is going to an awfully short article, as I had to work on Saturday, February 16 th and was unable to attend the meeting. I had taken my notebook and notes to the Legion for whom ever was to run the meeting. Had asked that I be called with highlights of both meetings so I could do the newsletter, but was not, so I’m without any information.

January meeting and I’m sure the February meeting as well were called to order. Reports were given by the Secretary and the Treasurer. We were to have had initiations. Ladies were went invitations and were called in hopes we would have some new members to initiate, so hopefully all went well with that. Prior to the meeting, I had received a call from the Chamber of Commerce asking if someone could attend and speak with the ladies about volunteering for Yarnell days. As always, volunteers are so very necessary, and I hope she was able to gain some help. I had asked that the upcoming Luminary be discussed and that everyone spread the word to get orders in as soon as possible so we’re not in a crunch at the last minute. All anyone can do will be greatly appreciated.

I again apologize for the brevity of this article, but I am truly at a loss, so until next time…hand to heart, soul to God and the never-ending battle for our veterans.

For God and Country,

NinaBill Overmyer, President

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