Ladies Auxiliary March-April 2014

I must apologize for not having had articles in the newsletter as of late. I hope everyone understands what it is like to lose everything and how difficult it can be to restart your engine!

January synopsis will be brief as Wendie was unable to attend the February meeting and my notes in January were sketchy at best. January’s meeting, held on the 18th was called to order. Roll call was held. Wendie read the minutes from December’s meeting. Motion was made and seconded and the minutes were approved as read. Nancy gave the Treasurer’s report and was filed for audit.

Discussions were held regarding kitchen volunteers, the treasurer chest, the need for everyone to turn in volunteer hours, the new sweatshirts and decorating.

Connie Taylor, after years of wonderful service to the Legion Auxiliary with her beautiful decorating done for holidays, has decided to quit. Everyone gave Connie a round of applause in appreciation for her wonderful work. Cliff & Shirley Horzinski have volunteered to step up and take over where Connie has left off. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to Cliff and Shirley.

Members voted to make Steve White an honorary member. Steve was invited in and was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation. For those of you who don’t know, Steve is always helping Diane in the kitchen. We all appreciate his help more than we could ever express.

February’s meeting held on the 15th was called to order. In the absence f our secretary, no minutes were read. Nancy gave a Treasurer’s report and it was filed for audit. Nancy also advised members present that contrary to an accusation made in January, all of our mandates have been paid in a timely manner. Nancy also reported on the treasure chest which made $782.92. Shawna Shelley sold the winning ticket to Paula Csey of Wickenburg who is a work associate of Shawna’s. Congratulations Paula and we all hope you enjoy!

Rose Vega had a report on her work with the Prescott veterans. Te last time she took her goody bags she ran into difficulty in getting them to the vets. She had to, and will continue from here on out, take the gifts to nutrition for distribution.

A discussion was held regarding our recently acquired sweatshirts and it was motioned, seconded and approved that the price be lowered to $18.00.

Brenda Hovan will chair the nomination committee for our upcoming elections.

Yarnell Days was discussed and the possibility of putting together some sort of float. It was said that Wendie has some ideas, so when she returns, we’ll get together and see if we can’t come up with something. anyone with ideas or an interest can call me.

Shawna Shelley brought up the Easter egg hunt. Discussion was held, a motion made, seconded and approved that the Auxiliary give Shawna $200.00 to help her restock so she can continue the wonderful job she does in this annual event that so thrills the kids who attend. The Easter egg hunt will be held on April 12th. Terri Palmberg has secured the donation of a new bunny suit. Thanks so much Terri!

Nancy needs donations for the raffles she holds at our Friday night dinners. Shawna said she had something to donate and others also offered and will be gotten to Nancy as time permits.

More discussion was held about the kitchen and kitchen help. There were ideas set forth and you will be hearing about them soon.

NinaBill reminded everyone that April’s meeting will be held a week early on April 12th… also, not to forget tht elections will be held that day.

Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces, so until then, hand to heart, soul to God and the never-ending battle for our veterans.

For God & Country,

NinaBill Overmyer


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