Ladies Auxiliary May 2012


Thank you all for your attendance at the Election meeting. Going forward, we wish to thank all those who have done so much and have taught us such valuable lessons.

The ladies serving on various committees have done a stand-up job however; we cannot take for granted their continued dedication. At the May 19, 2012 Auxiliary Meeting we will be handing out a sheet listing the description duties of each committee we hope to fill. We will also be giving a brief update on the progress of the change of officers. Our installation of officers, Seniors & Juniors, was the first of its kind within our Unit. It was a proud day for all officers and those attending.

We want to especially thank our Juniors and their families for participating. The potluck that followed was wonderful. Thanks a lot to all those who fed us.

Until we meet again, let us ever be watchful of our organization and ourselves, that nothing shall swerve us from the foremost purpose of the Auxiliary: to contribute to the accomplishment of the aims and purposes of the American Legion.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress,

For God and Country,

Nancy Seriani, President


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