Ladies Auxiliary October 2011

There has been some changes in our membership cards for 2012. Previously a year had been added to reflect the next years number for that year once the member paid the dues. However, the pre-printed cards that National Headquarters recently provided to departments were pre-printed using data pulled on April 12, 2011 – before 2012 dues had been paid. Therefore, the number of dues years reflected on the cards represents the years actually paid as of April 12, 2011.

We realize this is a change, the computer is unable to recognize more years than is reflected in the database. In order for National Headquarters to provide pre-printed membership cards these are the parameters within which we are able to provide them. When a member’s card is printed after annual dues are paid and recorded the system will automatically increase the members’ continuous years by one and such will be reflected on the card. Meanwhile, you may scratch through the old number and add one year, or, ask for a new card to be made from blank cards provided.

My name is Barbara Bostwick and I am your new chairwoman. The 2012 cards are in and will be available for pickup at the September meeting. I encourage all of you to pay early and get an Early Bird Dinner and help us make our 1st goal in September.

I am sure you will all join me in showing our appreciation to Margaret David for a job well done. She has reached our 100% goal several times and our ALA has received several awards because of her hard work.

For God & Country,

Barb Bostwick


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