"Where The Warm Desert Breeze Meets The Cool Mountain Air"

August Birthdays

August 1st: John Price, Cherry James, Don Mason, Glenn Dunney

August 4th: Larry Grater

August 6th: Jane Bourbeau, John Smith

August 7th: Myra Winteroth

August 10th: Jack Davis

August 11th: Sarah Farwell

August 12th: Cliff Horozinski

August 14th: Alice Hicks, Joe Ruda

August 15th: Bruce Oliver, James L. Weston

August 17th: Jim Goetzinger

August 20th: Sharon Krahn

August 21st: Doc Thurman

August 22nd: Diana Johnson

August 25th: Mary Brown

August 27th: Art Fabela

August 29th: Bill Grose

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