May Birthdays

3rd William Farwell
7th Dick Bugola
9th Terri Palmer
11th Sioux Mattson
14th Arlene Larson
15th Tom Cammarato, Sally Owens
18th Nancy Carter
20th Rick Levet, Judy Burt
21st Velva M. Brown
22nd Ronda Barnstable
23rd Gary Adams, Terri Chistopherson
24th Marvin Shaw, Stacy Pizzirusso
25th Linda Fausey, Dean James
28th Aurthur Riggle
30th Pat Wright, Leo Shanahan
31st Bev Russo, Pat Wright

Did we miss your birthday or anniversary this year? If so, please let one of the bartender or one of our officers know so we can add you to our list.


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