"Where The Warm Desert Breeze Meets The Cool Mountain Air"

May Birthdays

May 3rd: William Fairwell

May 7th: Harlan Wilson, Dick Bugola

May 9th: Terri Palmer

May 10th: Rick Gunder

May 11th: Sue Mattson

May 14th: Arlene Larson

May 15th: Sally Owens, Tom Cammarato

May 20th: Rick Levett

May 21st: Velva M Brown

May 23rd: Gary Adams, Terri Chritopherson

May 24th: Marvin Shaw, Stacy Pizzirusso

May 25th: Linda Fausey, Dean James

May 29th: Arthur Riggle

May 30th: Pat Wright, Leo Shanahan

May 31st: Bev Russo


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