"Where The Warm Desert Breeze Meets The Cool Mountain Air"

May-June Birthdays

MAY BIRTHDAYS                                                JUNE BIRTHDAYS

3rd   Bill Farwell                                                     2nd   Cecilia Laubenthal
7th   Harlan Wilson,Dick Bugola                        4th   Nancy K Myers
9th   Terri Palmer                                                   5th   Julie Kelly Samsoe
11th  Sue Mattson                                                   8th   Glen David,Arlee Rowland
14th  Arlene Larson                                                9th   Guy Grater
15th  Tom Cammarato,Sally Cone                     11th  Harry Powers
16th  Ed Anderson                                                 13th  Ed Phillips,Judi Smith,Don Clark
18th  Nancy Carter                                                 17th  Mary Clark
20th  Rick Levett,Judy Burt                                 18th  Joe Shuping,Jack Stanberry
21st  Velva Brown                                                   23rd  Lysa Martinez
22nd  Rhonda Barnstable                                     24th  Linda Pade
23rd  Gary Adams,Terri Christopherson           25th  Mary Jane Fimbres,Allene Childress
24th  Marvin Shaw,Stacy Pizzirusso                   26th  Sue Grater
25th  Linda Fausey,Dean James                          27th  Carrie Cahill
29th  Arthur Riggle
30th  Pat Wright,Leo Shanahan

31st Bev Russo

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