"Where The Warm Desert Breeze Meets The Cool Mountain Air"

October Birthdays

October 1st: Jo Ellen Upton, Barbara Stanberry

October 2nd: Shirley Horozinski

October 3rd: Nikole Scott

October 6th: George Brown

October 8th: Ron Swink

October 9th: Jeff Staley, Jenny David, Lori Hoag

October 11th: Trudy White

October 17th: Karl Krahn

October 18th: John Moffitt, Adra Shayne, Dave Vega

October 19th: Rick Dodge, Cleta Gunder

October 21st: Brenda Roberts.

October 25th: John Shelley

October 27th: Gary Rowland, Gara Wallen

October 29th: Sheryl Christie, Wendie Edge

October 30th: Dave Davis, Ron Olson


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